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Eastern Dance Awards
Rules and Regulations
Judging Criteria  
EDA is an adjudicated competition, i.e., each routine competes against a STANDARD, not against other routines (excluding High Score Awards). Each dancer in a routine will be awarded a medal reflective of their score. Three judges will each award 100 points:

280-300.Ultra Gold Medal,               270-280.Gold Medal,
255-269.High Silver Medal,              240-254.Silver Medal,
230-239.High Bronze Medal,           210-229.Bronze Medal

EDA will have 4 judges. Three judges will asses each routine and award numeric scores based upon 3 criteria: Performance, Choreography, and Costume. One judge will be designated the “Special Awards” judge, and will not award a numeric score. This judge will present awards based upon some special quality they may see in a particular routine or dancer. These awards do not affect High Score Awards. Medals will be calculated based up PERFORMANCE scores only. High Score Awards will be calculated based upon PERFORMANCE and CHOREOGRAPHY scores. COSTUME scores will be used for high score COSTUME only.  

Each routine will also receive a video critique DVD. Our judges will record comments, corrections, and suggestions while viewing each routine, and these DVD’s will be given to each studio in order to further the technique and artistry of each dancer.

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